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Vladimir Arkhipov

Vladimir Arkhipov

art photographer


  • business portraits of managers
  • advertisement photo sessions
  • corporate nude calendars
  • private photo sessions
  • portfolio
  • interior design
  • photography master classes


In the contemporary photography Vladimir Arkhipov is one of the most versatile photographers who strike with variety of styles and genres. Paying tribute to the classic manner of frame and light construction, his work is often compared to painting. Nevertheless, in Russia Arkhipov is rightfully called “The Russian Helmut Newton” and a master of the outrageous behaviour, as he implements his fearless ideas in any extreme and weather conditions, sparing neither himself nor the equipment. He is one of those contemporary artists, to whom the old school classics “shake the hand”, and the young look at him a living legend.






years of
creative activities

According to Vladimir, his first recognition as an artist was the invitation to participate in an international charity auction in 1990 in Toronto, Canada where photographers from around the world exposed their work. For the first time in the history of that event, all the exhibited works of one artist were auctioned off for a few minutes — and they were the photographs by Vladimir Arkhipov.

His name has been a brand of creative and brave solutions, efficiency and quality in the field of advertising photo for a long time. He is inexhaustible in work and unlimited in ideas. His services for many years have been used by such large corporations as Reebok, Johnson&Johnson, Bosko, Transnafta, DHL, Montblanc, Carlo Pazolini, Trussardi, Laura Biagiotti, Ralf, for which he elaborates and creates advertisement images, takes image photos and makes corporate VIP calendars.

No doubt, Vladimir Arkhipov has been one of the leading photographers in artistic erotic photography on plein-air for the past 30 years. He is not just a fashionable “camera clicker”. He is an experienced and well-versed master, perfectly fluent in the language of photography. Vladimir can denude without unclothing, and reveal all without showing anything. As a guardian of the traditions of staged photography, he can easily convince the viewer in documentary authenticity of his snapshots, that “it was real”. He is undoubtedly the favorite of the public, who is valued for sincerity and hated for honesty. Vladimir lives with gratitude to the Lord for the talent which is not only a gift of God, but also the daily work. He never seeks to please others, but simply takes his picture — a photo by Vladimir Arkhipov.

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